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Officials stay quiet on Varughese case

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The Jackson County state’s attorney is staying tight-lipped on what will happen in the case of an SIU student found dead under mysterious circumstances earlier this year, despite growing criticism from the victim’s family and their supporters.

Durbin urges action on student loan debt

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Shantel Franklin says that despite a college education at SIU, she’s unsure what will happen next. “It concerns me what I’m going to do next, because I don’t really know how these loans are going to affect me in the future,” Franklin, an SIU junior, said last week.

'Simpsons' character says he went to SIU

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One of SIU’s apparently less-than-distinguished former students showed up on primetime television Sunday evening. On the Oct. 12 episode of “The Simpsons,” Marge Simpson opens a sandwich shop franchise in Springfield but faces 
difficulty when it comes to finding good employees. That’s when Gil Gunderson, Springfield’s perennially down-on-his-luck sad sack, comes walking in with his resume in hand.

Gunshots leave frayed nerves in their wake

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It was just a few minutes after 6 p.m. Tuesday when Josh Brown and his family arrived at Attucks Park for his 6-year-old son’s flag football game. What happened next remains a source of shock and confusion for many. “I heard an initial two or three rounds go off,” said Brown, a longtime Carbondale resident.

Feds: Man threatened destruction at SIU

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A Chicago man now faces eight federal charges after a series of threats he allegedly made to the SIU campus — threats that included bombing three residence halls, unleashing anthrax on campus, and raping and decapitating female students. The charges, filed last week but unsealed Monday, also allege that Derrick Dawon Burns, 21, claimed to have buried multiple bodies in Thompson Woods while depositing others in Campus Lake and that his efforts were part of an ongoing “War on SIU.”


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