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O'Guinn: Varughese toxicology was not clean

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New questions are surfacing about how SIU student Pravin Varughese died after Carbondale’s police chief said Monday that reports of the 19-year-old having no substances in his system are “not accurate.” Addressing questions, Police Chief Jody O’Guinn said recent reports from local media are “another falsity that not everybody understands.”

CCHS students receive Garwin awards

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The Garwin Family Foundation has awarded more than $15,000 in sponsorships to allow four CCHS students to attend summer enrichment programs focused on the arts, sciences or math. The awards were made during the inaugural year of the GFF’s CCHS Student Sponsorship Program for Talented Students in Arts, Sciences and Math.

SIU Debate Team once again the champ

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The SIU Debate Team is the national champion again. The team of Ben Campbell and Josh Rivera won the National Parliamentary Debate Association National Championship, marking the first time in the tournament’s 21-year history a university has back-to-back champions. More than 150 teams from across the country competed for the title.

SIU alum explores NASA's Apollo marketing

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Sitting on a green shag rug in his parents’ Chicago home in the 1960s, Richard Jurek watched with wonder the image on his television of a Saturn V rocket shooting into the Earth’s atmosphere. With that, like so many others, he caught the space bug — and it turns out its infectious nature certainly was no accident.

Two years later, Young case stays unresolved

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Two years after her mysterious death, Molly Young’s memory lives on through a twisted legacy of tragedy, anger and notions of conspiracy, and the lingering questions she left behind likely will grow louder in the weeks to come. Young will be remembered Monday at a public event at Turley Park in Carbondale. The memorial is set to begin at 6 p.m.


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