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Blew’s brews making noise at Molly’s Pint

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Nick and Molly Blew co-own Molly’s Pint. What began as a love for brewing beer in his kitchen 10 years ago eventually led to the dream of Molly’s Pint, which became a reality.

MVC basketball will be a dog fight this season

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With the departure of the MVC gorilla in the room, Wichita State, to the AAC last month, ESPN pundits are like hornets after someone has hit their nest with a baseball bat: flying hither and thither with no knowledge or forethought.

Analytics will help student pilots make better decisions

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For the last year, Ken Bro, an assistant instructor in the aviation management and flight program, has been meshing variables from student landings, including engine performance, wind, altitude, speed and a plane’s bank, to examine safety.

Wisconsin photographer gets second shot at eclipse

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Seaton, 52, was just a young teenager in 1979 when a major solar eclipse visible in the United States provided his first chance to document such an event.

Cristaudo's back under original family ownership

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For the first time in more than five years, local family bakery, restaurant and catering service Cristaudo's is back under original family ownership. Established in 1977 in the Murdale Shopping Center, Cristaudo's was owned and operated by Lorenzo and Lucia Cristaudo for nearly three decades until it was turned over to Lorenzo's daughter Rachel in 2001. The Cristaudo family has proudly announced that as of Oct. 29, Cristaudo's Bakery is now back under original family ownership in a new location on North Illinois Avenue.

JALC hosts three-day state level earthquake drill

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The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is conducting a state-level functional earthquake exercise this Tuesday through Thursday on the John A. Logan College campus to test plans for handling a catastrophic earthquake in Southern Illinois. The Community Health and Exercise Complex of John A. Logan College is serving as the command center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day of the exercise. More than 100 state and local agencies and emergency response organizations, including ones from Carbondale, are participating in the exercise.


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