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Blew’s brews making noise at Molly’s Pint

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Nick and Molly Blew co-own Molly’s Pint. What began as a love for brewing beer in his kitchen 10 years ago eventually led to the dream of Molly’s Pint, which became a reality.

MVC basketball will be a dog fight this season

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With the departure of the MVC gorilla in the room, Wichita State, to the AAC last month, ESPN pundits are like hornets after someone has hit their nest with a baseball bat: flying hither and thither with no knowledge or forethought.

Analytics will help student pilots make better decisions

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For the last year, Ken Bro, an assistant instructor in the aviation management and flight program, has been meshing variables from student landings, including engine performance, wind, altitude, speed and a plane’s bank, to examine safety.

Wisconsin photographer gets second shot at eclipse

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Seaton, 52, was just a young teenager in 1979 when a major solar eclipse visible in the United States provided his first chance to document such an event.

Baseball and Marathons:They Happen Every Spring

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So every spring, for the past several years, I’ve been running in circles around SIU’s Campus Lake, or what’s left of Campus Lake these days, to get ready for the Pittsburgh Marathon. The Campus Lake path measures 2.2 miles, so to get myself into condition to run the 13.1 miles in the half marathon, I have to reach the point where I can run six times around the lake.

Southern Illinois LOCAL Media Group buys three Carbondale papers

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In the latest move of an active growth and diversification strategy, Paddock Publications purchased the Carbondale Times, Weekend Times and Nightlife. All are weekly newspapers with a combined distribution of 20,000. Paddock is the SILMG parent company and publisher of the Daily Herald in Chicago’s suburbs.

Legislators visit Autism Center at SIU

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Dustin Duncan
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Republican legislators Rep. Terri Bryant, R-Murphysboro, Sen. Paul Schimpf, R- Waterloo, and Sen. Dale Fowler, R-Harrisburg, made a trip Monday to the Autism Center at SIU to see what could be done to maintain levels of funding in order for the center to continue its work. 

Stephanie Brown, director of the Autism Society of Southern Illinois, greeted the legislators and gave them a quick glimpse as to what having the center in Carbondale means to families in the Southern Illinois region. 

She said the next option outside of SIU is in Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, where there is currently a six-month waiting list to receive services.

  Additionally, she said the earlier children with autism receive services, the better off they will be, and the fact there is a center in Carbondale means there is a family support nearby to help through tough times. 

SIU Admissions looking to the future

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Dustin Duncan
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It’s no secret to the Southern Illinois community that Southern Illinois University has experienced declining enrollment for several years. 

Terri Harfst, director of the SIU Financial Aid office and director of undergraduate admissions, said the university has taken steps to change that trend. 

She said in the past the university had been purchasing fewer names from various sources for students who take the ACT or SAT tests. She said the university had only been purchasing the names of students who were seniors in high school to recruit them to SIU. 

“When you start thinking about college selection, you know that when you are thinking about college, you didn’t start making decisions your senior year in high school,” Harfst said. “That is a process that requires us to be out in front of students and parents early on.


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