Annual church giveaway Sept. 2

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Colleen Frease
Carbondale Times

Fall is a time for yard sale signs to be seen all over town as people take advantage of the cool weather. But how many people give things  others truly need away without charging any money?
The Carbondale Church of Christ will be hosting its annual Community Giveaway Day from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 2, at this Saturday, Sept. 2 at 1805 W. Sycamore St.
The church has been hosting this giveaway for more than 20 years.
Throughout the years, they collect household goods and kitchen items. For Community Giveaway Day, people can come and take what they need. There is no charge, people are just asked to not take more than they need and be mindful of others.
For a family that cannot afford dishes or silverware, this is an opportunity to get items that will make a difference in their everyday living.
Terry Taylor, an elder with the church, said he has been helping with the Giveaway Day event since it started. He said at first it was church members cleaning items out of their homes to give away, but after a few years the community really started to get involved in donating items for this once-a-year event.
“We believe the reason we can do so much being a church this small is not because of the members, but because it is the mission God has given us to do,” Taylor said.
People hear about the event through word of mouth. The church has been putting on the event long enough people tell each other about it. Some college students that have gotten items from the event donate the items back to the church once they graduate to give them the chance to help someone else in need.
Taylor said he does not have an exact count but he estimates this event helps a few hundred people each year get items they need for their homes.
“It’s incredible to help people in need, especially when you can see that you are providing them with something they may not otherwise have,” Taylor said.
Taylor said the one thing that has amazed him year is how there is plenty to give away each year to those in need. He said after the first few years, he thought the church would run out of things to give away. The event has been able to keep going through the continued donations from the community.
Anyone wanting to donate an item or find out more about the event can visit the church’s website