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Blew’s brews making noise at Molly’s Pint

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Nick and Molly Blew co-own Molly’s Pint. What began as a love for brewing beer in his kitchen 10 years ago eventually led to the dream of Molly’s Pint, which became a reality.

MVC basketball will be a dog fight this season

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With the departure of the MVC gorilla in the room, Wichita State, to the AAC last month, ESPN pundits are like hornets after someone has hit their nest with a baseball bat: flying hither and thither with no knowledge or forethought.

Analytics will help student pilots make better decisions

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For the last year, Ken Bro, an assistant instructor in the aviation management and flight program, has been meshing variables from student landings, including engine performance, wind, altitude, speed and a plane’s bank, to examine safety.

Wisconsin photographer gets second shot at eclipse

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Seaton, 52, was just a young teenager in 1979 when a major solar eclipse visible in the United States provided his first chance to document such an event.

Salukis sign another All-American golfer

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Chris Barron   
Weekend Times

    There are two ways “minor” sports can excel at mid-major-level recruiting. Most of the great high school golfers either go to the power conferences or, if they are good enough, they just skate to the pros.
    The way for mid-majors to flourish is by recruiting transfers and international players.
    SIU’s head coach Justin Fetcho has obviously chosen the transfer route — kind of.
    In the fall, Fetcho signed former Stetson University star Dirk Kuehler, who graduated from Stetson after averaging 75 strokes per round.
Hunter York, a local All-American, was signed by Fetcho this past November.
    The Decatur native York also won the 1A level Illinois State Championship when he was in high school.
“I look for Hunter to step right in and make an immediate impact,” said Fetcho in November.
    But the best was yet to come for Fetcho’s recruiting efforts this spring. Just a few weeks ago, the Dawgs inked their second Junior College All-American, Oliver Meek.

Making new plans: Major promoter and city cut ties

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Dustin Duncan
Weekend Times

    The city of Carbondale has been promoting a downtown street festival for the weekend prior to the eclipse with possible national music act as a headline, but it appears things won’t go as planned.
    Carbondale City Manager Gary Williams said Wednesday that Arizona-based promoter Danny Zelisko Presents and the city no longer have a contract together. He said the city had been waiting for a “number of months” for the promoter to make an announcement, and sometime in May, the promoter told the city it wasn’t going to be able to make it work for that particular weekend.
    “So we’re keeping our options open and exploring other opportunities at this time,” Williams said.
    The city manager said there were a combination of things that led to not being able to land a big name. Proximity could have been one of those factors, he said. 

“Painful cuts” lead to about 80 layoffs at SIU: Interim chancellor says cuts were necessary to evolve as an institution

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Murphysboro to close a chapter of its history

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Ada McCarroll
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    The building that once housed Murphysboro’s formerly booming business, The Brown Shoe Factory, is at its last straw.
    The Murphysboro City Council has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the building — Carl and Carol Hohman — for the ability to knock down a wall threatening to fall onto 19th Street if not safety demolished, according to Murphysboro Mayor Will Stephens. He said the city wants to also fence off the area around the building, but currently, it has no legal right to be on the property.
    “Were not trying to use eminent domain to take possession of the property,” Stephens said. “We just want to get in there and make it safe for those people around the building.”
    The building, built in 1907, has survived more than 100 years, including the distinction of being one of the few large industries in Murphysboro that came back after the 1925 tornado, according to Mike Jones of the Jackson County Historical Society.
    “[The Brown Show Factory] provided work until the end of the 1970s,” Jones said. “It was one of Murphysboro’s major employers.”

Amtrak train hits vehicle north of Carbondale: Carterville woman treated for non-life-threatening injuries

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 Dustin Duncan
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A Carterville woman was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after her vehicle was hit by an Amtrak train just north of Carbondale, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.


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