“Where is Mike Bost?”

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“Where is Mike Bost?”

Mike Bost canceled a scheduled face-to-face meeting with his constituents, but then snuck in an unannounced “telephone town hall” the evening of Feb. 13 that only came to my attention after the fact. His Facebook page claims he “reached over 85,000 constituents,” but is that the number of dialed calls or the number of actual people on the line? How did they choose who to call? Was it only registered Republicans, or those who signed up for his newsletter? He doesn’t make that clear at all. He certainly did not reach me, and possibly not you. 

Mr. Bost continues to hide behind the telephone, and refuses to meet constituents in person like he is supposed to. What is he scared of? All we want is for him to come back to his district at recess and do his job by meeting with the people who hired him to represent them in Congress. 

Representative Bost, I can’t seem to reach you any other way so hear my plea now: meet with your constituents who want to tell you how repealing the ACA without a replacement plan will hurt them. Meet with your constituents and tell them why you think it’s okay to allow coal companies to dump waste and pollute streams. Meet with your constituents, because the longer you put off these face-to-face meetings, the more we will question your motives. It is your patriotic duty to do the job you were elected to do, and work for all the people you represent.

Karen Fiorino