City council amends hiring process for manager

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Carbondale Times

The city council approved a change Tuesday evening that prevents the city manager from striking unique terms with soon-to-be employees while negotiating their employment with the city.

The measure amends a section of the Carbondale Revised Code to now keep the city manager’s hiring decisions “consistent with employment rules and compensation as is then currently in place for all city employees,” according to the new language.

The language also prohibits the city manager from entering into “unique” terms “without specific approval of the city council.”

The amendment comes after the city recently hired Jeff Grubbs as the full-time chief of the Police Department.

Former city manager Kevin Baity executed a contract with Grubbs in September granting him an annual stipend on top of his salary to establish his primary residence within the corporate city limits. The city dismissed Baity in early October, although Mayor Mike Henry said the separation was not directly related to Grubbs’ contract.

The city then negotiated a new contract with Grubbs that increases his annual pay but does away with the specific housing allowance.