'SlutWalk' meant to address sexual violence against women

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Participants are being encouraged to dress in their most provocative and sexually empowering attire to protest sexual violence against women in an event being called "SlutWalk Carbondale."

The event, planned for 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, is in response to a Toronto police representative’s comment that, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not be victimized." It will begin near the Varsity Center for the Arts.

SlutWalks have been organized across North America, including at a major event in Chicago this past June.

To join the SlutWalk, provocative or “slutty” attire is not required; the event is about self-expression and the individual’s right to be safe and respected regardless of appearance, according to a release.

For more information, contact organizer Kate Gramlich at 314-440-3344.