Man sentenced for biting baby

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Carbondale Times

A Carbondale man has been sentenced to three years in prison for biting his newborn son last year.

Jacob L. Langley, 22, was sentenced Wednesday to three years in the Department of Corrections and one year of probation to follow on a felony count of aggravated battery to a child.

State’s Attorney Mike Carr says deputies and detectives with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded Dec. 22, 2015, to a case of possible child abuse involving an eight-month-old child. 

The boy’s mother provided photographs taken about four months prior that showed a human bite mark on the baby’s arm.

The mother indicated that the child had been in the care of his father when the bite apparently occurred. 

When detectives interviewed Langley, he denied any knowledge of the bite — at least at first. After further questioning, however, he eventually admitted to biting his son’s arm.

Langley was taken into custody in January, and he pleaded guilty to the aggravated battery charge in early May.