Park District hosts egg hunt

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Ryan Kolb
Carbondale Times


Evergreen Park in Carbondale was the site Saturday for several children and parents on the hunt for eggs.

The Carbondale Park District hosted in 10th annual Egg Hunt Extravaganza for the community. The hunt, which started in 2007, was meant to engage children and parents to participate in a widespread hunt for eggs, bragging rights, and of course, prizes for the top hunters. The district also had free raffles for attendees. 

Erin Dickson of the Carbondale Park District and organizer of the event said normally children wonder off on their own hunting for eggs as the parents enjoy watching with big smiles on their faces. Several parents at the park said they enjoy this event because it is way for their children to come together for fun, but also it encourages the community to get together at 

the park. 

Because of the size of Evergreen Park, the hunt was split into two age groups. The first group ranged from ages zero to six, and the second ranged from ages seven 

to 12.

For those children who had more trouble finding eggs than others, the park district made sure there were extra eggs to give if some felt discouraged about their luck

 in the hunt. 

At the end of the hunt, the raffle for the children gave them another reason to be excited about the afternoon.  One prize in particular was a Coast Guard-approved 

life vest. 

Although the hunt is the reason the parents and children attend the event, the children got a surprise from a special friend with big ears and a bushy tail. That’s right, a giant bunny made an appearance to hand out hugs and take photos 

with children.