City to relocate power lines

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After months of discussion, plans to relocate power lines in downtown Carbondale will finally start to happen, according to the city. 

As one of the major points of the revitalization of the downtown, Ameren Illinois is starting to set new poles behind businesses along S. Illinois Avenue as part of the first phase of the streetscape project.

Power line relocation is expected to take four to six weeks to complete.

In addition, there will be changes coming to sidewalks and curbs as well as the addition of plants and flowers throughout the 

downtown area.

The first phase of renovations will cover West Mill to West Cherry Streets. 

At a City Council meeting earlier this year, City Manager Gary Williams said in order for this project to proceed, it was necessary for the city to enter into a letter of understanding with Frontier Communication — for telephone lines — and pay its estimated costs of construction — $92,292. 

Additionally, Ameren has provided the city with an estimated construction amount of $150,000, which also requires advanced payment to move the project forward. Williams said Ameren is not requiring the city to enter into a written agreement for this work. 

In January, the city approved a budget adjustment that would increase the fiscal year 2017 Community Investment Program budget by $277,000 for the relocation of the utility poles. 

“This was a high priority for a lot of people during the Downtown Advisory Committee meetings, so I am glad to see it moving forward,” Councilman Lee Fronabarger said. 

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