Borgsmiller and Little secure seats on JALC Board of Trustees

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Dustin Duncan
Weekend Times


The John A. Logan Board of Trustees will welcome two new members to the board in May after Tuesday’s municipal  election. 

Rebecca “Becky” Borgsmiller and Mandy Little took home the election defeating William Orrill and former West Frankfort mayor Bob “Hawk” Ellis. 

Borgsmiller received 3,044 votes and Mandy 1,728 votes. Orill garnered 1,362 votes and Ellis 1,296 votes. 

Both Borgsmiller and Little are familiar to John A. Logan. Borgsmiller is a former John A. Logan student and employee of the college. Little is also a former student and served on the JALC Board as a student representative from 2010 to 2012. 

Additionally, former SIU President and current President of Morthland College in West Frankfort Glenn Poshard ran unopposed for an unexpired four-year term. 

Borgsmiller said she promises to attempt to make change, but realizing she is one vote out of seven, she will also have to be a professional presence 

on the board. 

“The outcome of the elections proved the constituents are looking for a change,” she said. 

Borgsmiller said Thursday that she will look everywhere for potential cuts and revenue streams, saying she wants to see data and cost-analysis information. She also said she wants to work with people at the university level to see where solid changes can be made to benefit the university. 

“I don’t think we will ever see state funds at the level that it was,” she said. “Every item has to be looked at as to its value to the college.” 

In a earlier forum in March, Little said the college needs to look at anything that is costing the college money, or not make making any money. 

“If it’s not making the college money, then it is part of the problem,” Little said on March 7.