Bradley Lam remains Carbondale Township Highway Commissioner

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Dustin Duncan
Carbondale Times

The Carbondale Township Highway Commissioner job will remain in the same hands it has for the past 13 years. 

Bradley Lam, a Democrat, defeated Green Party challenger Russ Kramer Tuesday night for the highway commissioner seat. 

Lam received 1,219 votes to Kramer’s 681 votes. 

In addition to being highway commissioner, Lam has also been a Carbondale firefighter for the past 28 years. When he is away from his busy career putting out flames, he spends time in the township office making sure the roads in the Carbondale Township are in good condition. 

“I’m a public servant,” Lam said before the election. “I love to taking care of the community and making sure people 

are safe.”

The Carbondale Township Highway Commissioner is responsible for construction and maintenance of all roads and bridges in the township district. The commissioner is also required to submit an annual tax levy to the township board. It’s labeled as a part-time position, and the seat is up for grabs every four years.