Bowen Gym vandalized for third time

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Dustin Duncan
Weekend Times

For the third time since Dec. 9, the Bowen Gym Community Center has been broken into and spray-painted, according to the Carbondale Police. 

According to the police, some time between 10:15 p.m. on April 2 and 2:15 p.m. on April 3, the gym at 818 W. High St., had graffiti spray-painted inside the building. The police have not determined the method of entry to the building. 

Sgt. Amber Ronketto with Carbondale Police told the Times a security camera system and rekeying of the locks was suggested after the first incident in December. She said if the locks haven’t been changed since the time the facility was a school, there is no way of knowing how many keys are out in the community or who has them. 

She said this incident did not have racially or sexually offensive graffiti. The most recent graffiti showed random letters and words like “weed.” 

The first incident at Bowen Gym was on Dec. 9. Police said two juveniles were identified as the ones who spray-painted similar language on the gym floor and walls

Ronketto said it is possible that it could be the same juveniles, but there is no evidence to support that. She said given the proximity to the Boys and Girls Club and the Rebound facilities, there are a large number of juveniles routinely in the area. 

On March 9, the police reported racially and sexually offensive graffiti was spray-painted on the 


The gym is connected to the old Carbondale Community High School at 234 N. Springer. Former Carbondale resident and professional basketball player Justin Dentmon owns the gym and new semi-professional basketball team, the Southern Illinois Pharaohs.