Lawmakers aim to make Obama's birthday a holiday in Illinois

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Associated Press

 SPRINGFIELD (AP) – Democratic lawmakers from Chicago have proposed bills to make former President Barack Obama's birthday a state holiday.

The three bills would all make Obama's birthday, Aug. 4, an official holiday.

Two House bills, proposed by Democratic Reps. Andre Thapedi and Sonya Harper would make Aug. 4 a "legal holiday," in which state government offices shut down, and schools and businesses have the option of closing.

        Under the Senate bill co-sponsored by Democratic Sen. Jacqueline Collins, "Barack Obama Day" would be commemorative only and not a holiday.

        Thapedi tried making Obama's birthday a state holiday last year, but the bill stalled in a House committee. Thapedi says this year's legislation has a better chance of being passed into law now that Obama is no longer president.