Two sentenced for armed robbery

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Weekend Times

Two Carbondale residents have been sentenced to multiple years in prison for their roles in an armed robbery at a motel last year.

Myron R. Jackson, 25, has been sentenced to six years in the Department of Corrections for his role in the July 2015 incident, and Crystal J.D. Blaisdell, 19, was sentenced this week to five years behind bars.

On July 31, Carbondale Police stopped a man who was seen speeding away from a local motel. After his stop, the man related to the police that he had agreed to meet Blaisdell at a local motel.

After arriving at the motel, the victim entered the room with Blaisdell, and shortly thereafter, Blaisdell opened the door, and Jackson entered the room armed with a firearm. Jackson then demanded the victim’s wallet. The victim complied with the request, and Jackson and Blaisdell left after having taken the wallet.

The victim subsequently identified Jackson and Blaisdell in police lineups as the individuals who had robbed him.